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DigiQ DX2

DigiQ DX2
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Price: $185.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: 800-1015-000
Manufacturer: BBQ Guru
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The DigiQ DX, Digital Competitor is a whole new era of software power and simple sophistication never before seen in a monitoring and control device. This little marvel will let you do things you never imagined were possible. For the past 5 years our Competitor model has been our biggest seller and we just made it easier to use, more accurate and added some features at the request of our customers. The DigiQ II comes with two high temperature stainless steel armored probes. (pit & food probes)

The DigiQ DX is the latest version of the DigiQ controller. We have upgraded the relay to allow this control to power two 25 cfm fans. There is no need to purchase a Power Raptor (fan booster) with this unit.

Here is the list of features:

  • Anodized water tight aluminum control box
  • Dimensions: 2 7/8”w x 3 5/8”h x 7/8”d
  • Digital high intensity “Blaze Red” scrolling LED display
  • 32 to 475 deg F range with +/- 2 deg F accuracy
  • Rugged, armored high-temperature (700° F) pit and food (meat) probes
  • Controls your pit and monitors your food (meat) temperature
  • All new full-time adaptive control algorithm learns your pit to control better stability / accuracy
  • Open lid detect senses when the pit’s lid is open to minimize the temperature disturbance and recover quickly to the setpoint, can be turned on /off (default is off)
  • Exclusive low and slow ramp down feature (cook and hold) ramps your pit down on rising food (meat) temperatures, so your food (meat) never overcooks
  • Scrolling display messages tell you status and what has been selected
  • Exclusive magnetic mount (optional accessory)
  • Audible alarm sounds on food (meat) done (default is on)
  • Adjustable deviation alarm sounds when your pits temp goes either too high or low by a user settable value
  • Real time blower status indication and blower display blink helps you to measure fuel use, like a fuel gauge
  • Display in degrees F or C
  • User adjustable beeper intensity setting
  • Runs on 100-240VAC (for worldwide use) or 12VDC for portable use

All controls come with:

• 1 Pit and 1 Food Probe
• Power Transformer to plug into household power
• Kill Plug (for killing your fire after removing fan)
• Manual/Operations Guide/Product literature
• DigiQ DX, CyberQ II and ProCom4 come with stainless steel control stands
• Various Accessory items
• All controls come with standard 6 ft. probes (upgrades are available when ordering)

BBQ Guru DigiQ User Guide 


Green_dx_back.jpgAnyone would agree that a hot pit cooks quicker than a cold pit. The problem is that when the internal meat temperature over-shoots or goes too high, the meat becomes dry, tough or both. The BBQ GURU uses a microprocessor chip to calculate and control your pit temperature via the Turbo Power Draft Fan , so that the selected meat temperature is NEVER exceeded.

How does The BBQ GURU do this?

Simply put, as the meat temperature naturally increases The BBQ GURU maintains the pit temperature throughout the cook to ensure a consistent and effective cook. When using "Ramp Mode" it decreases or “ramps down” the pit temperature at a proportional rate using controlled power draft. Once you use The BBQ Guru, You simply will NOT want to cook without it!
The BBQ GURU can be used to :
  • cold smoke cheese, fish and meats
  • Dry and smoke jerky, peppers or fruit
  • Dry spices and herbs to make your own rubs
  • Bake bread
  • Make pizza, casserole and cobblerGreen_dx_front.jpg
  • Make stuffed apples,peppers and cabbage
  • BBQ pork, brisket, ribs, chicken, etc.
  • Grill steaks, burgers, vegatables, fish
  • Sear meats at high temps
  • Hold meat at low temperatures
Always Know Exactly:
  • What Your Pit Temperature is
  • What Your Meat Temperature is
  • How Your Meat Is Cooking
  • Regardless of Time or Number of Pounds
  • How Many Degrees From Done You Are
  • What Your Cooking Rate and Doneness Are


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DigiQ DX2
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DigiQ DX2
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DigiQ DX2
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DigiQ DX2
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DigiQ DX2
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DigiQ DX2
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DigiQ DX2
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DigiQ DX2
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